Accelerating R&D for innovation and collaboration
Desice is a cloud-based platform for researchers and engineers to plan and analyze experiments.
Our goal is to make design of experiments available for anyone. In providing tools and solutions, we want to encourage people discovering the unknown and invent the unimaginable.
We deeply believe that innovation is the only way to a sustainable future.
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Response Surface
Response Surface
Explore various designs for getting insights or get the best out of your experiments
Statistically analyze your data and create stunning visualizations
Collaborate with your colleagues on the experiment
Optimize your experiments and find the perfect settings for your factors
What we do

Desice is a tool for planning and analyzing your experiments. Designed to assist researchers and engineers get experimentation done right. In providing powerful tools we help you design the optimal experiment.

Starting with an efficient and optimized experimental approach, you can significantly reduce costs and shorten the time to market. It gives you the tools, models, and confidence to analyze and present data in a precise, repeatable, and verifiable method.

Selected industries trusting using our platform.
Wastewater Treamtment Plant
Environmental Technologies
Solar park
Energy Sector
Agriculture and Food
Chemical Plant
Chemical Industry
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Biotech & Pharma